You have heard the rumblings, whispers, rumors or even seen a tweet or two about tickets for 2017 but you will only hear the news on approved TEDxLusaka platforms such as this one. All we can say is that…. tickets will be available soon!

A fun fact from TEDxLusaka 2016? Tickets were gone in 48 -72 hrs. People snatched up their tickets as quickly as they could. So when we do announce that tickets are available? Remember it will not be a drill. You will need to get your tickets as soon as possible and not waste a second ;-).

Here are a few tips about getting tickets and examples of some of the question we will answer soon:

Ticket FAQ’s

  • When will tickets be available? We will inform our TEDxLusaka community as soon as we can. The tickets will be available in time for our community to get their tickets so they can attend the event on the 27th May 2017.
  • What’s taking so long? There are a few things we need to make sure are in place. As a committee it is important we find the best options for our community to access tickets, especially for those outside of Lusaka. We also need to make sure that tickets are printed and that we have enough for he number of audience members we are licensed to host under the TEDx guidelines.
  • Where will I find information about tickets? Follow our blog, instagram, twitter and like our Facebook page.

** Ticket FAQ’s will be updated as we get answers to your burning questions. Check back in as often as you can.