Marcel van Driel is one of the very few snake experts in Zambia. He is the founder and administrator of the popular Facebook page: Zambian snakes and Other Crawlies. He has been on Radio Phoenix several times to inform people about snakes and to answer questions from listeners; he has made an appearance on CBC TV to do the same. He conducts community sensitisation talks on snakes and snakebite treatment and he relocates snakes from people’s homes and workplaces. Marcel also makes home and farm visits to advise people on how to make their living and working areas less attractive and less accessible for snakes. His mission is to protect both snakes and humans in doing so.

Marcel has lived in Zambia for over 8 years, runs his own organisational development consultancy company, and is a practising visual artist.

If you would like to hear Marcel speak at this year’s #TEDxLusaka please click the link to purchase tickets | http://bit.ly/2UQbN4A