Chitambala Mwewa, a.k.a Simon Mwewa Lane, attended the International School Of Lusaka, then studied philosophy and theology at the Jimmy Swaggart Bible College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the United States. Mr Mwewa has served as Director of Administration at Simoson, a group of real estate development companies, for almost 20yrs.

Mr Mwewa is passionate about the environment and started a foundation called “I Dream Of A Clean Lusaka” that seeks to educate the public on personal hygiene and the proper disposal of garbage. He is also an Ambassador for the Make Zambia Clean Green and Healthy Campaign as well as OPERATION UBUSAKA (Cleanliness).

If you would like to hear Mwewa speak at this year’s #TEDxLusaka please click the link to purchase tickets | http://bit.ly/2UQbN4A