When planning TEDxLusaka 2019, the first speaker to confirm their participation was Dr Mannasseh Phiri. Having worked in the healthcare sector and in broadcasting for many years, Dr Phiri had an abundance of ideas that he wanted to share.

Many knew him as a seasoned radio personality and vibrant host of Your Health Matters on ZNBC television. To others, he was an ardent HIV and AIDS activist. But in his later years, he developed a new passion: Prostrate Cancer, that led him to co-found the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Zambia. And it was this subject that formed the basis of the idea he was excited to share in his TEDxLusaka Talk on 1st June 2019.

Sadly, Dr Phiri lost his long battle against Prostate Cancer on 22nd April 2019. Although he is unable to be with us at this year’s event, it is our hope that even through his death, lives may be saved by raising awareness about the disease. Dr Mannasseh Phiri, you will be missed.